The Benefits of Stainless Steel Pet Feeding Bowls over Plastic

Should You Feed your Dog Using A Plastic Bowl?
Is there a difference between feeding your dog or cat from a stainless steel bowl or a plastic one?  Can plastic pet bowls actually be harmful? A majority of vets agree that a stainless steel bowl has many advantages; it is also better than virtually all other types of feeding dishes you can ever buy for your cat or dog. What are the features that make the stainless steel bowl better than a plastic bowl? Continue reading to find out.

stainless steel slow feed dog bowl - health benefits of stainless steel pet bowls

A stainless steel bowl is highly durable. It is built to last long and also resist harsh treatment by the environment or your pet. Yes, the pet can bite into its feeding bowl many times, but a stainless steel bowl will never get damaged as a result.
This is unlike what obtains in a plastic bowl.  Your pet sees its feeder bowl as another chew toy to be eaten, especially if it is a teething pup.  The plastic can break easily when the pet bites into it. The broken shred of plastic can get swallowed by the pet, which can cause intestinal blockage or internal bleeding. Your vet bill will rise as a result.     

Stainless steel is not a porous material, and as a result, food substances do not sink into it. Which means all the leftover foods can be washed off when you are washing the stainless steel pet feeder.  As a result, the pet will remain in a healthy state. The stainless steel is not easily scratched by the pet. Consequently, no hole or crack can be created in it for bacteria to hide. 
The same cannot be said about a plastic feeder, which is a very porous material. Foods, oils, and whatnots can sink into the plastic dish and hide in those porous parts. It will be difficult to wash off the oil and food substances; this will culminate in the development of bad bacteria, which can cause disease in the pet. The plastic feeder can be easily scratched by the cat or dog while feeding, and the crevices can harbor harmful bacteria, which can infect your pet to cause diseases.

Bisphenol A
Stainless steel does not contain bisphenol, which is a dangerous chemical found in plastic materials.  Bisphenol A (BPA) can damage your pet’s health, even if it is in a minute concentration. It can affect the pet’s endocrine system, cause reproductive system and chromosomal abnormalities, as well as impair the mental function of the pet due to its neurogenic effects
Additionally, BPA can cause resistance to chemotherapy, obesity, cardiovascular system damage and even cancer.
Now, do you have an idea of the dangers you are exposing your pet to by feeding it with plastic pet feeder? You can avoid all these dangers by simply buying a stainless steel pet feeder, which is free from the culprit, BPA.

One other unique feature that sets a stainless steel pet feeder apart is its affordability. It is surprisingly cheap despite its many benefits as described above. Because it is long lasting and durable you will not need to replace it as often as cheaper plastic ones. As a result, you can get very good value for your money when you buy it for your pet.  This feature, combined with the other ones described above, makes a stainless steel feeding bowl the better and safer choice for your pet. 

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