How a Dog Paw Balm Can Protect Your Pet

Dogs are incredibly resilient.

Their paws might be sore, cracked or cut, and they will even leave behind a trail of blood, but won’t stop running around and wagging their tails.

In many cases, the pain, suffering and frustration caused by paw injuries can be avoided by using dog paw balm. Not only can it help to heal and repair cracked and damaged paw pads, it can help to prevent a dog paw injury from happening in the first place.

Along with their pads/paw pads becoming dry and chapped, your dog’s nose can also become rough and cracked and need a bit of care.

A Dog's Paws Are Amazing

Unlike humans who are able to manage heat by sweating from all over their bodies, dogs have limited ways of dealing with heat. They pant to get cool, but did you know they can also sweat a little through their paws?

dog paw pad caring balm wax

A dog’s paw has 5 paw pads, each of which has a thick layer of fatty tissue under the skin. These pads act like shock absorbers, which ease the pressure on the dog’s joints. Good for the joints, but the paw pads bear the brunt of the impact.

As puppies, paw pads are very soft, very pink (sometimes spotty), and very sensitive. As the dog grows up, ideally the skin should become tougher and harder, and much less sensitive.

If the dog is more of an inside dog, chances are the skin on the paw pads hasn’t had a chance to toughen up, leaving them more sensitive than the paws of more outdoorsy pets.

Summer or Winter - Extremes in Temperature How a Dog Paw Balm Helps

Using paw balm as preventative care is always a good idea, and when it comes to extreme weather conditions, it can have a massive impact.

In extremely cold weather, the paw pads can easily become dry and cracked. When your dog is jumping around in snow or on ice, there is not only a danger of that snow getting stuck in-between their toes (which could lead to frostbite amongst other things), but the presence of snow and ice generally means that potentially harmful de-icing chemicals have been spread around the area.

Anything from antifreeze to salt will not only aggravate the skin on your poor pup’s paw pads, but it is quite likely that your dog will lick it off of his paws after the walk, and it goes without saying, the ingestion of such chemicals can have devastating consequences.

Paw balm creates a semi-permeable barrier which protects the skin on the pads from anything they come into contact with.

In the same way that the dog paw balm forms a protective layer to prevent damage from extreme cold and chemicals, it is excellent at providing insulation from extreme heat conditions.

Although they can sweat through the skin on their paws, that will never suffice to keep their paws cool enough when walking on blistering hot concrete, asphalt or sand. The paw balm will create that protective barrier, ensuring that your pup’s paws stay moist and happy.

In addition, cracked noses, like paws, can happen in the summer or winter and just depends on how active they are inside and outside the house.

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Benefits of Using Dog Paw Balm

In certain cases, when the terrain is extreme, or your dog’s paws are very sensitive, you may need to consider booties to protect their paws, but in every case, a dog paw balm is a great tool for general dog paw care.

Paw balm can help prevent damage to the skin on your dog’s paw pads, but can also help to soothe and repair sore, damaged and cracked pads with its healing and moisturising properties.

As an added bonus, if you choose a dog paw balm made from all-natural organic ingredients, such as the Wiser Pet Natural Paw Balm,  when your dog (inevitably) licks at his paws and ingests it, the balm is completely non-toxic and therefore, harmless.

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