Does Your Dog Eat Too Fast?

Benefits of Feeding Your Pet with a Slow Feed or Anti-Gulp Bowl
Many dogs love to consume their foods fast when they are given any meal. Such a gluttony habit can make the pet inhale its food, which can lead to various health hazards. Some of the ailments that can result from speed eating by pets are:

  • Food bloat, which usually happens from swallowing or gulping the food; this problem can be life-threatening.
  • Gastrointestinal discomfort
  • Vomiting and
  • Choking

benefits of slow feed bowls - dog with begging eyes

Gulping foods fast may delay satiety, making the pet to desire for more food, though in the short term.  The dog will end up looking sad and begging for more food. Of course, you will want to give it more food when you see that sad face.

The purpose of designing the anti-gulp or slow feeding bowl is to prevent food gulping by your pet.   Some bowls feature barriers or ridges that can break up the surface area of the bowl and, therefore, prevent the pet from inhaling the food in just a couple of gulps. The bowls can equally alleviate any issue that may be associated with fast eating as described above.

With slow feeders, you can slow down the rate at which your pets eat. The bowl is designed in such a way to reduce how much food the dog can take per bite.  Can you remember your doctor advising you to slow down your pace at mealtime? That same advice will work well for your pets for the reasons earlier provided.

Do you ever find your pets belching just a few minutes after gulping down their foods in a rush. This behaviour can be corrected by the slow feeder; they can spend minutes on their meals instead of few seconds.

The anti-gulp or slow feeding bowl, aside from reducing the pace of your pet at meal time, can also give the pet something else to do. The pet may see the slow feeder as some game object and will want to take on the challenge posed by the feeder against its freedom of feeding.

With the help of the anti-gulp or slow feeding bowl, your dog will likely never suffer from bloating anymore. The risk of the twisted stomach will be greatly reduced, and the pet can live a happier and healthier life as a result. Gulping down the food forces the pet to also gulp down a lot of air. The air will transform into a gas inside the stomach, which will make the abdomen to swell. The swelling will put the internal organs, like the heart and lungs, under pressure. If things get more serious, the nerves and blood vessels may get pinched, and the stomach may even rotate.

Keep in mind that anti gulp or slow feeding bowl may not guarantee complete prevention of bloating, but they can modify how your pets eat; remember that their uncontrolled eating habit is the primary cause of bloating.

There are various forms of slow feeding bowls available. They are all designed to achieve the same goal, but they do so slightly differently are some are more effective than others. The Wiser Pet slow feed bowl is made from stainless steel which has other benefits, is strong, durable and looks good too.

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